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I am excited to begin blogging on this site today and will begin by noting that this blog will inevitably reflect my values. My lifestyle and values may be somewhat different than yours, but our values probably have much in common too or you wouldn’t be reading this blog at all. Perhaps you will find some of my ideas arbitrary, and sometimes I do too. They are definitely subject to change.

A great deal of this blog will be devoted to the topic of meal planning and cooking because I enjoy it. My shopping list assumes a budget of about $30 a week per person.

I generally stop at Aldi (the European budget supermarket chain) once a week and love the produce specials. I buy dog food at Publix every couple of weeks along with any items I can’t find at lower prices at Aldi. I do find prices vary, however, and never assume that an item will be cheaper at Aldi without comparing at Publix.

Occasionally I will visit other stores as well and the Saturday Morning Market (I love Worden Farms, which is generally there from October through May). I also occasionally eat dooryard fruit or vegetables.

I tend to follow a mostly plant-based diet with some meat. I use organic eggs, which I must buy at Publix, and the reason I do is that I’ve heard chickens are treated more humanely by organic producers.

I eat and live fabulously well, and one of my secrets is one that you may share. Living in paradise, there is always something to do, if only to walk, bike, or swim. I look forward to our sharing other secrets together about frugal living in West Central Florida.

Till next time, stay frugal and fancy-free.

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