Little House Farmers Market: Bargains on local and exotic produce

One day while driving down 62nd Avenue, I decided to stop at a little red building selling produce. Since that time, it’s become one of my regular Saturday morning stops. I can pick up more produce here at a better rate than almost anywhere else, and as you will read elsewhere on the Web, the variety is not to be beat in this area.

Little House Market

This place has it all. This morning I picked up collard greens at 69 cents a bunch, tomatoes, a couple of sweet potatoes, bananas, and an apple. All of these items came to about $2 and change.

I have enough produce right now..I passed up such items as Asian persimmons, purple sweet potatoes, daikon, mung bean sprouts, many kinds of eggplant, brussels sprouts both on and off the plant, and Plant City strawberries.

Produce baskets


Sometimes I pick up roasted peanuts and assorted nuts in the shell inexpensively, scooping them up into bags to weigh at checkout. I haven’t tried the locally baked quick breads priced very reasonably near the checkout, but I’m tempted.

A separate room offers a plethora of apple varieties, starting at 99 cents a pound. Of course this produce is not generally local, but it’s fun to pick up an apple or two, especially one of the old familiar names from long ago such as McIntosh and Rome. Still another nearby room offers oranges, honey, and such items as bottled specialty salad dressing.

Little House Farmers Market is just off US 19 at 3295 62nd Avenue, St. Petersburg. You can find it on Facebook here.

Till next time, stay frugal and fancy-free.


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